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Women bags


The bag is the accessory without which we just can’t get out of the house, because it stores everything that is vital to us. It’s wallet and keys, cosmetics, medications, and much more.

In addition, the bag is a complement to your image. It frames, completes the overall silhouette and decorates its owner.

There is a great variety of styles in women bags depending on their overall outlook and on the occasion as well –  classic business leather bags, handbags, and large fabric bags.

The evening bag also called Clutch is a miniature envelope bag. It is considered to be a classic evening accessory. Clutches are usually complemented by magnificent evening and cocktail dresses. Modern variants of models retained the classic rectangular shape, but have increased in size. On clutches are used minimum decorative elements.

Another very popular type is Hobo bag. It is shoulder bag medium in size with roundish shape. Hobo is convenient and practical and always in fashion. These models offer capacity and are suitable for ladies who love to take half, just in the fire. Hobo bags are available also in bright colors and also may have fringe and hanging pieces. Bright, bold color combinations, and the abundance of detail can make the bag a major accent your wardrobe.



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