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What to eat for healthy hair ?


Do you know what you should eat to have healthy hair ?

We all know that what we eat has a direct bearing on the hair. Right nutrients and minerals make our hair shiny and resistant to harmful influences. Here is my list of the most important foods nourish the hair :

Salmon is first on my list. Rich in vitamin E and protein contributes to the development of hair. Unique source of omega -3 fatty acids.

Walnuts are rich in vitamin E and biotin. A handful of nuts a day will help to strengthen the hair .

Eggs are a protein source . Further comprises three essential elements: zinc, selenium , and iron . Iron helps the transport of oxygen to the roots .

Spinach is a source of iron and vitamin E. I have already said how important hair , and Popeye the Sailor contribute about to meet since childhood about the power of this vegetable .

Chicken and turkey meat are rich in protein . Are required for this menu to all who seek to have healthy hair .

Carrots are rich in keratin and vitamin A. Also useful are not limited to the eyes , and on the scalp.


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