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What Kind of Shopping Addict Are You?


Probably two thirds of the female population loves shopping. There is a certain thrill in finding a great item to add to your collection, whether it is clothes, accessories, cosmetics, home dA�cor, books, etc. New buys are the ideal way to add some color and excitement with just the swipe of a debit card or the passing of a bill. Nevertheless, shopping in a smart way is sometimes quite hard to accomplish. There are people who manage their finances intelligently and choose to buy only the most essential goods. However, there are the ones who have discovered shopping a while ago and have turned it into a full-time hobby. Researching brands, comparing prices and finding the perfect match is actually an art to master. But when it comes to shopping addicts, what kind of people are there? Can you find yourself in one of the descriptions below?

  • The Online Enthusiast: Most often members of this group are relatively young, but there are also older people who have got used to the Internet and everything about it, so they can manage to become masters of online shopping. There are pros about online shopping including the fact that you do not have to leave your home or that you can look at the same product at different stores and choose the best price. However, because it is all virtual, you do not really think about how much you are spending until a dozen of parcels arrive at your door!
  • The Groupon Addict: The Groupon apps and websites are a fantastic place to get your hands on a bargain. Whether it is about jewelry, technology or a vacation, you can get a discount as high as 80%, for example. However, if you are a true Groupon addict, you will know which bargains are not to die for and just ignore them. You can multitask and scan for a tablet and a pair of earrings at the same time!
  • The One that Cuts Coupons All the Time: Coupons can be found everywhere: newspapers, flyers, in-store, magazines, online, etc. This group of shopping addicts might go as far as categorizing the coupons they collect and write down their expiration dates in an organizer or calendar. Unlike the Groupon addicts, they view a 20 cent discount as a great deal and do not want to miss it! After all, if you save twenty cents on everything you buy, you can end up saving hundreds, right? Well, actually, you might get caught up in buying things you do not need or just amounts of stuff that are too enormous for you to use up before their expiration date, so you can spend a lot more while trying to save up!
  • The Big Spender: Well, this is the classic case of a shopaholic. If you have watched the movie a�?Confessions of a Shopaholica�?, you will know how bankruptcy is the logical end of swiping your credit cards every chance you get. The Big Spenders usually buy everything they like at least a little and end up with enormous collections of whatever their interest is: whether it is bags, shoes, jewelry, clothes or everything together! Or maybe you like buying kitchenware? The sad thing is most of these plates do not get to be used or the dresses just lie on the hangers with sadness as their day may never come!
  • The Impulsive Full-Price Buyer: These people are not tempted by discounts and giant SALE labels. They prefer to buy whatever they have chosen immediately, without realizing they can end up buying a few times more than they could have if they waited a few weeks. Think about it: having the most popular, branded items can actually lead to a lack of individual style and no personality, so stop being a victim to the hype!

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