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Wedding Gowns for Brides over 60


Adults who fall in love again don’t want a big satin gown and a 20-something wedding. They want to celebrate and dress in a different manner. When it comes to choosing a wedding dress, second- and third-time brides are more prepared and organized. They don’t waste time on fancy. Out are the $3,000 wedding dress and the bevy of bridesmaids. Many brides don’t even have a bouquet.

Encore brides have developed their unique sense of style and want a dress that reflects it. The choice of wedding dress depends on the time of the ceremony and the setting – whether it is going to be at a country club or resort, in a garden setting, or a more traditional church wedding. Evening dresses are more formal than outfits for tea-time and lunch events. Most second-time brides go for styles, designs, and colors that reflect simple elegance. They choose vintage dresses, cocktail dresses, and floor length sheaths. Encore brides also opt for V-shaped and draped necklines, A-lines, and dressy pantsuits. White is perfectly appropriate for a wedding dress but you can choose another color. Avoid blusher veils and go for a tiara, headband, hair comb, and other elegant options.



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