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Tuto Fimo Beads Imitation – Faux Wood or Ivory


This is how to make a faux wood or ivory jewelry:

You need:

– 1/2 fimo beige “sahara”

– Very little dough fimo orange “mandarin”

– 1/2 translucent fimo

– 1 loaf of white fimo (or translucent) for the interior of the beads.


1. Combine 1/2 Sahara color with a hint of ” Mandarin ” to get a uniform beige.

2 . Stack and cut into 2 pieces

3 . Stacking again and flatten .

4. Trim 2 and re-enlist . Do it again at least once , check if you see the colour difference

5. Cut thin strips then

6 . Take white Fimo clay , roll it in your hands to form a ball , then wrap the strips you cut earlier

7 . Make a beautiful pearl

8 . Shape a bicone

9 . To make a ring, flatten slightly with a plate

10. Punch a hole, using a glass

11. If you spread a plastic film on the dough before cutting your hole , the edges will be more rounded.

Then bake the beads in the oven at 120 ° C for 25 min and you are done! 

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