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This Is The Right Time For You To Start a Business


In theory starting a business and earning money sounds pretty simple:

  • Come up with an idea or product that is popular, but with potential and flaws.
  • Then buy this product and study it in details. Make a list of its pros and cons.
  • Find out a way to improve and perfect the product.
  • Make a prototype of the new, improved by you, product.
  • Show the prototype at least to 100 people.
  • Change, remake and improve the product until the people start to order it more often.
  • Find a partner. It is always easier to have someone by your side.
  • Split the profit.
  • Find an investor.
  • Give the investor some money.
  • Now make the product.
  • Sell the product to many, many people.
  • And this is how you will start to earn the big profit.
  • Sell stock of the company.
  • Enjoy the success!

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