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The Tricks Every Woman Needs to Know


There are some secrets for beautiful nails, well groomed hair, radiant skin and durable makeup that are transmitted by word of mouth, but so do work flawlessly. We collected the best of them!

Before you start to apply nail polish, gently rub cuticles with a cosmetic oil or olive oil. Then the easier it will remove the stained varnish. Unlike conventional types of lacquer, brocade generally looks better when it is not placed on the entire nail. So when your nails start to have white tips of nails go with Glitter polish to last longer. One trick to achieve a matt polish is this: while cooking soup or pasta, quickly place two layers of lacquer and while still wet, hold hands for about three seconds over the pan. You will see a gradual glossy varnish becoming mat. If you do not have a special product that quickly dry nails, dip your hands in a bowl of ice water to toughen the polish and dry faster. It works flawlessly every time.

To achieve a more even tan when you use concealer before applying it mix it with a little make-up base or plain cream on hand. The result is much more natural and easily blends with the rest of the makeup, without leaving ugly borders.

For girls who are not perfect with the pencil or brush eyeliner! Hold the brush horizontally, rather than to the top of the lid and tap it a few times along its extension. Then just connect the lines. If your eye pencil or lip is too soft, put it in the fridge for an hour before you use it. The harder it is, the less material you will lose.

When applying blush or pearls, make sure you swirl the brush in small circles, starting from the cheekbone to the hairline.

After placing cleansing milk on a napkin, add a drop of coconut oil before you start to clean your makeup. So it will take the makeup and dirt off your face much easier, and the skin will be soft and moisturized nicely.

To support your lipstick, put a little blush on top. Eye shadows do the same job, and they also add a nice matte appearance. Just make sure that the colors match.

As for your hair, the combination of strands with different color and width gives a more natural appearance and looks more like “back from the beach” rather than “back in the gym.” Low bun for the night gives the hair effect, as if blown with a hairdryer. Since January is almost completely dry, apply a little balm or cream without washing for straight hair. Hold the ends of the low bun. The top of it will be smooth, and the bottom will have big waves. If necessary, finish them with a curling iron.

If you have curly hair, then pre-dry it with towel and distribute the product to the curls, then refrain from touching it. Most curly girls make the mistake of touching it much until dried, spoiling the shape of curls.

Finish off by using self tan to outline the contours of your face and to give natural illumination.


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