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The Ideal Female Body Shape Over the Decades


I am really mad with the modern conception of the ideal female body. First of all, what’s going on with all the huge butts these days. I think that it is beautiful for a woman to have curvy shapes, but only as long as it is natural and feminine, but all the implants, which are over-sized and look disproportionate, compared to the other skinnyA�body parts. But that’s not the only trend in female bodies these days. Unfortunately, the airbrush is working too much when it comes to magazineA�covers and that’s how is created the unrealistic conception of the absolutely flawless female body. Often my boyfriend sends me pictures of women from the internet, or some celebrity he saw and liked. The pictures look like the bodies of the womenA�are made out of plastic, perfect and smooth skin, no cellulite and thin and fit arms, legs, butt and ABs. I tell him that this is not real. Then I search for paparazzi pictures of the celebrity, walking in her bikini or underwear and prove him wrong.

But we shouldn’t blame us because of the social opinion that is created about female bodies, because every single decade had an ideal for a female body, which means that there were a lot of offended women because they hadn’tA�had the body of a magazine cover girl. See what was trendy back in the years:


This decade was pressured by a world war, which meant that there was no time for vanity. Female bodies were strong and fit, because of the long distance walks and tempts for surviving until the other day. The ladies of 1910s years actually had to walk to and from school and work through hills and rough paths. They weren’t enjoying the wideA�sidewalks, nor the convenience of the cars or the public transportation.


That’s the time when women decided that they want to change the way men look at them, the eternal fight over equality between genders started then. That’s why the bodies of the 20s women are extremely boyish. It may soundA�silly now, but they actually pressed their breasts with aA�piece of clothing down to the chest in order to reduce their sexy curves.


In 1930s the women realized that the independence of a strong woman has nothing to do with her figure, which automatically meant that the sexy curves of a female body are here to stay, well, at least for a couple of decades. The waist is enhanced, which causes the hips enhancing. It is curious to know that during the 30s women started to think about the foods and health/fit properties of them. The exercises were not a craze yet, but some women have been using this type of weight control and body shaping with light weights.


These are the years when the women had to take the jobs of the men, while they were out, taking part of the history by dying on the battlefield of World War II. This replacement automatically gave the women more self esteem and strength.

Their bodies become curvier, but the women were confident about that and the vanity started to pop out in their pack of feelings and desires.


I would like to live in the 50s, when the war is over and Marilyn Monroe is the idol of the perfect female body. That’s the decade were the natural forms of the female body are worshiped. There are no time for useless diets and workouts. The female breasts and hips are a symbol of femininity, fertility and sexiness.


And just a few years later the horror began. Skinny, boyish figures are back and they are here to stay until modern times with a very few changes.


The thinner, the better. And the eating disorders were so common like a simple flu. That’s the decade of the Zero Size.


Work those hips and work those arms, jump, jump! Meet the fitness and aerobic craze – the 80s. The decade of toned and fit women, but they weren’t working for boyish forms, they were working for femininity and sexy tights.


Kate Moss ruined the idea of fit and strong woman. Her skinny body walked down the fashion runways, making every girl to be in her place, which in my opinion,A�was hardly to achieve, because she was really skinny, looking sick and tired of all that drugs and parties.


And photoshop is here to stay. The women looked like the editors were thinking they had to look and the ordinary housewives were buying those fashion magazines and they didn’t realize how fake were all that masquerade.

And now – 2010s

Gladly, I can say that the skinny is over. Now we want to be fit and curved. We still try to achieve it, but at least we know what is healthy and good looking.

And what is your ideal of female body shape?



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