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The funniest pictures from the Oscars 2014


A�For sure, when you have a massive gathering of celebs at an event like the Oscars 2014, we expect at least a little bit of gossip!

Well we certainly had a lot of fun watching with Ellen on her worst behaviour and pulling hilarious antics!

We decided to find the funniest pictures ever from the star studded awards to make you smile! 🙂

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Of course the best of the night…. Ellen decides to take a selfie for her Instagram account!

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I fell! AGAIN and I dont caaaaare! Got me an award!

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Brad’s team obviously are oblivious to the fact theres anything going on!

A�images (15) (1)

Brad put himself to use as a pizza server!

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Pharrell got everyone up dancing

images (17) (2)

The ‘now famous’ pizza delivery, Ellen was hungry throughout the awards!

A�images (19) (1)

Its not yours! I should have won it! Screw the votes!

images (18) (2)

Ellen got a bit confused of the nights theme!

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His bum is so tight and perky!

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Dive bomb!

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And another….

images (23) (1)

This is MY night…. Get lost!

A�images (24) (1)

Ellen decides to take more selfies durin the night

images (25)

The celebs having a pizza night in!


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