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The 7-Day Detox Diet


Detoxification, especially every season, is a bit more important than you think. It can give you energy, help you lose weight and make your skin and hair healthier and shinier. But detoxing your body isna�?t that easy a�� you should make a diet and commit to it no matter what youa�?re craving and what you like (and dona�?t like) to eat. Here, I am going to offer you a 7-day detox diet plan that you can make at the beginning of every season to prepare your body for the next part of the year (and boost its immune system for the weather changes).

Before you start, choose a week thata�?s you wona�?t have much work or events you have to attend, so therea�?s no way to ruin your diet and you have more time to relax. Ita�?s highly possible, because of the detox, that you feel ill or weak for the first day or two, but those symptoms will go away after the second day.

During theA�detoxification, you should avoid alcohol, milk products, sugar, honey, artificial sweeteners, coffee, pasta and dried fruit. Eat more fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish, lean red meat, tea, nuts and seeds.

Herea�?s how your day should go:

1. In the mornings, drink a glass of water with squeezed half a lemon in it. This will give you energy and start your digestion. After the 7 days are over, dona�?t stop drinking the mixture to help your body stay in shape.

2. During this one week, you should exercise for one hour every day. You can do whatever you want a�� go jogging, do yoga, swim, climb a hill, ita�?s all up to you. The idea is to get your body working and help with blood circulation. And, when you sweat, all the toxins are getting out of your body which is the idea behind the detox diet.

3. Eat more raw foods because when you cook them, youa�?re a�zkillinga�? many of the important enzymes and bacteria. Of course, this goes for fruits, vegetables and nuts. Ita�?s a must to cook your fish and meat before eating!

4. You need to drink plenty of water. First, it will hydrate all of your body (including skin and hair, which is crucial in the fall and winter) and will again help with throwing all the toxins away from your body. You will see how much energy youa�?ll have after drinking 2-3 bottles of water a day compared to when you were drinking only 1.

5. Brush your body with a loofah and use body scrubs because you have to remove all the dead skin from your body and help your cells regenerate faster. After that, take a 1-minute cold shower to get the blood flowing and wake up your body.

6. You have to chew each piece you put in your mouth between 10 and 12 times. This may sound ridiculous, but chewing food helps with digestion and gives you a sense of fullness even if you havena�?t eaten so much food.

7. The last, but not least thing is to detox your mind. Dona�?t think about negative things, surround yourself with happy thoughts, buy yourself a plant, meditate and get rid of everything you dona�?t need in your life (material things AND people). Detoxing your mind is a great part of detoxing your body and will help you stay relaxed and calm all the time.



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