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The 4 Best Haircuts for Women inA�their 50s


They’re glossy. They’re flattering. They’re cool.

The best haircuts to get in your 50s happen to be cuts you’d want at any age (with a few strategic tweaks here and there).

We promise, there’s not a single matronly style in the bunch.

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Angela Bassett

Angela Bassett’s short haircut is the anti-short short haircut:

There is absolutely nothing predictable about it. This cut works on all hair textures, and it’s going to draw attention to your eyes, but also to everything elsea��your ears, your nose, your jawline”.

Adding a short, side-swept fringe can make it a little more wearablea��and looks really coola��but it’s still going to be a daring cut.

One other bizarre but important factor to take into account: This cut only works on certain head shapes.

If you have a flat head, like I do, it’s going to make the top of your head look square, and no one wants that. But if you’re willing to go for it, get Bassett’s cool, spiky look by mussing up your hair with your fingers as you blow-dry, then do a little damage control.

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Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster, congratulations on your Lifetime Achievement Awarda��and also, on achieving the perfect bob.

The A-line shape and length make this bob so stylish.

It’s ideal for fine or thinning hair (it gives limp hair instant shape) but also works on medium hair. (Just stay away if your hair is thicka��it’ll look too puffy.) Ask your stylist to cut blunt ends with a razor.

That gives you a softer line than scissors, which tend to make bobs look like a broom.

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Remember when collarbone-length hair was old-fashioned?

Here’s one really good clue that’s not true anymore: Madonna is wearing it.

Her long, textured bob and loose waves are so much cooler than that old-school shoulder-length hair that’s smooth and voluminous and coiffed. She has lots of uneven, piecey layers, which make this cut worka��but go easy on them if you have fine hair.

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Julianne Moore

I always admire how Julianne Moore makes this length worka��it’s long without overdoing it.

The key is that her cut is really clean and defined which looks sophisticated.

If you have fine or medium hair, ask your stylist for delineated layers from your collarbone down, with blunt ends. If your hair is thick, adding soft layers on just the underside of the back of your hair (with scissors, not a razor) will thin it out just enough that you can still go for a blunt bottom.





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