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Take care of your hands!


According to feng shui – the art of living in harmony and aesthetics with the world around us – not paying attention to your hands is to show disrespect for others.
Take care of your hands!
Our hands are part of the body, exposing when we meet someone or when offering help. Therefore a more peaceful and beautiful it is to reach a gentle and well-kept hand than the right hand rough with cracked skin, with broken nails and peeled paint.

In this sense, to maintain your hands is to keep your soul. For example, by massaging them, we relax them with cream, and when you put the gloves to protect them from the cold, in fact, take care of yourself and thus show respect to his own personality.

Shape the nails. Even square nails are fashionable, do not rush to give to their configurations. It is true that the square claw will stimulate us to be rational, persistent and focused as people who know what they want. But this form must seek if we are weak, unstable or too dreamy nature. Rectangular shape favors a sense of order to achieve stability and constructiveness. Rounded corners are recommended for shy people who lack dynamism u daring.
Elongated almond shape is ideal for people too strict. Oval encourage acts of kindness.


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