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Take Care Of Your Beauty During The Winter


You must take care of the things that take care of you. I’m talking for the protectors of your body – skin and hair. During this harsh season, the Winter, you have to be as caring and lovable as you do through the Summer. During the summer we try to protect from the sun and the hotA�air, also the saltA�water, but now we have cold winds, dry air, chilly temperatures, which could easily damage the skin, the hair and the nails if we don’t take any precaution. Such thoughts made me gather some advices for the winter care and I gladly will share them with you.

First of all you have to change some basic habits. I know it will be hard, especially for some of them, but you have to try at least. For instance, try to say goodbye to the boiling-hot shower. The warmth of the hot shower easily can remove your natural oils of the skin and the hair, which moisturize them. Try to shower with warm or lukewarm water. Always wear scarf, hat and gloves to avoid windburn and any exposure to cold air. Also apply sunscreen cream, because the winter sun is the very same sun from the summer. Eat a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, which are contained in fish, nuts, olive oil or avocados. There is no need to remindA�you to eat a lot of fruits and veggies, you should know it and eat them all the time.

If you want to soothe a dry skin all over the body you should take a nice, warm bath, full of some drops of olive seed oil, or add several cups of whole milk to the bath tube. You will be amazed how well it can moisturize your skin. After the bath, applyA�all over the skin a soothing, oily body lotion.

Go for baby-soft heels. It’s normal to get some rough skin on your feet, but that means that you have to deal with it at the moment you notice it. Exfoliate and moisturize your rough skin on the foot. Use pumice stone in the shower, after every shower you should apply aA�thick layer of moisturizing lotion. If the dead skin is stubborn and don’t disappear you can do this trick – apply the cream, after that wrap your feet with plastic kitchen foil, put on your socks and go to bed. After a few nights, the skin will soften you will be able to remove the roughness with the pumice stone.

Another “child”A�to worry about is your hair. The shampoo, the hot water and the dry, cold air could easily damage it. Make sure that you use a conditioner and don’t wash it every day with shampoo. If it appears too oily for you, you can just use dry shampoo. And wear hats!

To conclude – moist, moist and moist again. Keep your body warm and comfortable and everything will be just fine, until the summer is here and you have to start the whole caring procedure all over again. BeingA�strong and beautiful is a 24/7 job! t>


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