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Soft Lips With This Simple Recipe


No matter what is the weather, if you don’t drink enough water, your body will be dehydrated and that will affect immediately the condition of your skin, hair and nails. So, drink a lot of water, but if the skin is already dry you have to recover it. Let’s start with the lips:

There are a lot of ready-to-use lip scrubs in the beauty stores, but you can make a lip scrub all by yourself, just using ingredients that could be found in any house. Take a look:

A tablespoon of a sugar;

Just a pinch of honey, enough to mix the sugar.

Then put the sugar and the honey in a small container and stir until they mix together. Then rub the mixture on the lips with a finger. Let it work for a few minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.

You can exfoliate your lips, no more than twice a week.

Moisturize them right after the exfoliation with petroleum jelly.

Enjoy the soft and smooth lips you have!


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