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Shellac manicure at home


Shellac is a nail polish that is applied as normal polish but lasts longer and sleeker. In contrast, gel lacquers, Shellac not cause damage to the nail, and it is also much easier to remove – leaving healthy and natural nail. Shellac dries very quickly and lasts up to 2 weeks. What you need: nail polish remover cotton pads nail file tool Cuticle UV Lamp Shellac polish Instructions:

1. Remove all old polish with nail polish remover and cotton swabs. Shape and file the nails with a file in the desired shape. To prevent cracked nails, chicken in one direction only.

2. Soak hands in a bowl of warm water for about 5 minutes to soften cuticles. Dry hands and gently push the cuticles with a tool for this purpose.

3. Apply a thin layer of Shellac based polish on one hand. Dry them under UV light and then apply foundation and the other arm.

4. Apply a thin layer of Shellac polish – so thin that the color to become translucent, even if the selected shade is dense. Dry nails for about 2 minutes in the UV lamp, and then apply the second layer and again dry. The color should no longer be transparent.

5. Finally, apply Shellac top coat. Dry nails in the UV lamp for 2 minutes. To clean the sticky waste from the upper layer, use isopropyl alcohol.

6. To enjoy more time on your brilliant manicure, use gloves for their daily chores.


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