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Quick Beauty Tricks that work on 100%


See our quick tricks for beauty.

“Hide” greasy hair
Spray a toothbrush with hairspray with alcohol content and comb her greasy roots of his hair.

Hydrate the skin
Buy avocado oil. A few drops of it around the eyes and neck will smooth and moisturize your skin.

Remove colored roots
If you color your hair, you know the roots “scour” in different color very quickly after painting. The Hollywood use eyeshadow as emergency cover.

Refreshing spray for skin
Do it with peppermint tea  soaked  in hot water with mint bags for 4-5 minutes. Cool tea and Pour into a spray bottle. Keep it  in the fridge and  just spray your face.

Keep undereye zone
Use pads for makeup, dip them in the anti-wrinkle eye cream  and place them under your eyes. Do this each time before drying your hair. This will protect this sensitive area from the aggressive hot jet.


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