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No Hair Stylist Needed For This Cut


I know that you love your long hair, but you love also your bangs. How to keep the length nice and long, but the bang short and sassy? Do it yourself! There is no need for you to spend more money on your hair stylist only because you want to make a shorter bangs. Here is how to do it:

This tutorial is for side bangs.

I will show you how to cut it in order to wear it both sides. It will look great, believe me.

  • So, take a section of hair from the center of your forehead area.
  • Comb it one side, then comb it to the other one, just to see that it’s right in the center.
  • Then cut it is shown in the picture.
  • If you want the bang to start at the line of your brow, cut one finger below that line, because the hair will lift up, it will become light.




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