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Nail polish – the colors of the autumn-winter manicure


The designers who presented their collections at fashion week this fall did not miss any part of the overall image of the woman. Manicure is also detailed in their collections, because it is thought by many as the one that plays a peculiar role of accessory. For each season nail varnishes have their different shades, hues, harmony or are in contrast with the colors of the clothes. The color, design and shape of the nails – all these elements affect the overall look and style of each woman.

The palette of fashion nail polish colors for the late fall and winter is quite wide and women are offered a choice of khaki, burgundy, and purple, orange, gold and all their corresponding colors. And the trees have the same colors, right? Khaki is the hottest trend of the season. It ncludes a whole range of dirty yellow in olive and mustard green to brown. If the main task of clothes khaki is to serve as camouflage, with lacquer in that color you are sure to attract much attention. Khaki is the color of girls and women of strong character who are not afraid to show their mind and knowledge. More muted shades are also quite trendy for the clothes as well.

Purple, eggplant, violet, amethyst, plum, indigo – all these shades will be hot this season. So boldly apply nail polish in order to be modern. For its models such colors have chosen Alexander McQueen and Chanel. According to psychologists, this color is the choice of eccentric people who have creative abilities. If you are attracted to dark colors, purple is just for you – use it instead of black in order not to attach unnecessary tragedy of your vision. Nail polish colours such as pale purple can be combined with strict business suits. Purple is often preferred by people who occupy managerial positions.

Futuristic chameleon effect nail polishes are one of the dominant trends for the winter. The good thing about them is that they combine two shades, making them much more cumulative with various clothes. And nuances are all different – purple with silver, green, bronze, gold in quartz. And all this with a special metallic gleam Designers such as Jason Wu Jen Kao focus on a new trend – French manicure with nail polish that is chameleon. What is different – the entire nail plate is applied with black colour and the freckles are in silver. Current combination is also blue with gold. Do not be afraid of metallic shine – this winter all that glitters will become trendy and modern. These effects are good for girls who lead an active social life – discos, nightclubs, social events. In a word – for those for whom the day begins in the evening.

Burgundy color in the past has been seen as a symbol of a certain social status. This is the color of women seductresses. According to psychologists burgundy color is used by people who know how to manage and deal with complex situations. This is the color of the noble and mature natures.

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