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Make-up Ideas for Women with Hooded Eyes


Applying make-up on bedroom or hooded eyes is a daunting task for many women because the lid is unseen. There are some things you can do! Avoid dark colors and use lighter shades that will open up your eyes. Use a lighter shade on the inner corner and the lid and use a fluffy brush to apply medium-toned eye shadows. You can use an eyeliner, but you have to be careful because it can make your eyes look smaller. You can apply liner on the lower lashline, but you should use a flesh-toned eyeliner and darker-tone eye shadows or your eyes will look closed off.

As a rule, you should use eye shadows that make your eyes stand out and pop. Otherwise, the shade will diminish or compete with your eye color. Dark eye shadows are a poor choice, especially if you apply them over the entire lid. Your eyes will appear smaller and closed off, and the lids will look heavier. Stick with mid-tone and contour shades. Try to define your lower and upper lashlines as this works great on hooded eyes.

Some make-up artists recommend satiny textures and matte shades. Use an eyeliner and mascara on the upper lids.


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