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Lipstick and Eye Shadows for a Taupe Dress


Choosing the right lipstick is tricky, especially if you opt for an unusual color combination for your dress. If red is your favorite color, go for burgundy red or pink red, depending on your complexion. Choose a red lip color or frosty pink if you have dark skin. Silvery blue and sheer gloss are other options. You can use a lip liner and a sheer lip gloss or go for a silvery blue lip shade. Silvery eye shadows are a great choice for a dramatic look

Buy a good eye primer and use a black mascara and neutral eye shadows. Another idea is to opt for heavy darks but avoid falsies. You may want to accessorize your taupe dress and combine it with shoes in neutral, metallic, or bright hues, depending on the event. Go for a toned down look if you are attending a professional or formal event. Pick bronze, gunmetal, gold, or silver accessories and shoes for a night out.

Avoid make-up in bright or demure colors. Your lips will look thirsty and dry if you opt for dark shades. You can use a black eyeliner, red lipstick, and soft pink blush.


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