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Interesting Facts about the Wedding Dress


If you thought brides read wedding magazines to find inspiration, this isn’t true for many of us. Close to 60 percent of brides use Pinterest for this. Moreover, 18 percent of brides shop for a wedding dress online while 58 percent favor independent bridal salons. The average price of bridal gowns isn’t $300. Most brides pay around $1,350 to look their best. In fact, many brides are willing to pay $200 for a veil or headpiece. Do you fancy a long veil? The longest veil that was ever made was 2.98 km.

While the majority of brides choose a white wedding gown, 14 percent wear a red, blue, pink black, or dual colored bridal dress. The first woman to wear a white dress was Queen Victoria. Ancient Egyptians also chose white for their wedding attires. White was believed to be the color of innocence and celebration. The type of fabric (not the color) was important during the Middle Ages. The more elaborate and luxurious the fabric, the better. Today, 86 percent of brides wear something blue, borrowed, new, or old. Whatever they choose, just 14 percent of women show their bridal gown to the groom before the big day.


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