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Idea for Stunning Nail Art


Nail designs in different styles and colors. You can come up with ideas for every kind of occasion or an appointment you have. Today we will show you an idea for very classy and stylish nail art. It’s not hard to be made. You can do it yourself or get the help of a professional manicurist, who will do it with acrylic, which will last much longer instead of the homemade art with simple nail polishes. But if you don’t want to spend money on your nails right now (and you don’t have to!), you can always rely on yourself. I’m sure that you will handle it and the nail art will look great. Take a look:

For this nail art you will need only three colors – gold glitter, black and nude.A�

Choose the shapes you want to create and let’s get started. We have a lot of work to do.A�

You should start with the nude one. Stick some tape on the nail in order to form the first shape. Paint the formed area with the nude nail polish. Let it dry completely because you are going to stick tape pieces again on the top of the first shape.A�

1 stunning

After that, continue with the black nail polish. Form the shape on the tip of the nail, as you are about to make a french nail art, but more extraordinary.A�

The rest of the nailA�fillA�in with the golden glitter and wait until every shape and layer of nail polish is completely dry. After that seal the deal with top coat. Done! Your nails are fancy and stunning. Enjoy them and come back for more ideas. Have fun, girls!

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