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How to select jewelry?


Jewels have always attracted women. But not everyone knows how to wear them in the appropriate way.

Historians still debate the question-what came first the clothes or jewelry. Primitive people used to decorate their bodies with beads, necklaces of teeth of animals, earrings. What is the secret of these seemingly knick-knacks. Why jewelry do not lose their popularity?

From history we know that ancient people’s clothing was pretty primitive, it was simply a matter of necessity. But the decorations were not just an accessory, but an official insignia, an indicator of social status, they reflected the material wealth of the owner. Their purpose was not beauty but only a sign of social status and material wealth. Jewelry passed by inheritance through generations.

Today the role of jewelry is to complement and emphasize the beauty of a woman and her image. Most importantly when choosing accessories, don’t overdo it, don’t become a clown or a Christmas tree. Everything should be in moderation. After all, even the most expensive costume or fancy dress without additional accessories can turn into a bland, poor thing. and vice versa. Even the most simple, soft dress, accompanied by well-chosen decoration, becomes a royal attire.

Every woman wonders how to properly pick up embellishment to create unique and stylish image. The easiest way to pick up decorations under a certain outfit, is considering the quality of the fabric and its destination having in mind the idea of achieving harmony between them.



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