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How To Prevent This From Happening


I’m sure that you have at least one time of dealing with that nasty thing, the ingrown hair. You are not protected from it no matter what kind of hair-removing method you choose. I thought that the shaving method will prevent the appearance of the ingrown hairs, but it doesn’t. Even a guy could get it and sometimes it is worse than others. The picture above is taken from a video and I won’t show you the video because it is absolutely disgusting. The hairs in the picture are just the beginning of the horror movie, as he pulls the hair out, it is coming more and more, longer, and it’s not just hair, some kind of secretion is coming out too and the pore is enlarged too much, like he has a crater in his cheek. My stomach hurts already, that’s why I’ll stop with the description of the video and I’ll remind you of some tricks, which are capable of reducing the chance of getting an ingrown hair. Take a look:

Remember that an ingrown hair like the description above could appear in a woman’s body too, maybe in your bikini line or on the armpit, the arms, everywhere you pluck those hairs. So, you should take care and follow the tips.

  • Exfoliate the area. Right after the shaving or the waxing, you should exfoliate the area with a gritty formula scrub. This treatment will unclog the pores from the dead skin cells, or it will give the hairs the right way to grow out, they will redirect them to point out of the skin, not into the skin.
  • Then close the pores with an astringent. You can doA�that with an ice cube or a cotton ball dipped into ice-cold lemon water. If your pores are closed, the hairs won’t be able to pokeA�into some enlarged pore and start to grow inside.

These tips are for preventing the ingrown hair fromA�happening, but what if it is already there? Here you can find how to remove an ingrown hair the proper way:

  • Soften the skin with a steam bath. One way to do that is to dip in a soft cloth in hot water and press it against the area. The steam from the hot cloth will soften the skin and open up the pores.
  • Then take a tweezers with pointed tip and gently pull out the loop. If you are lucky the hair will pop out and you will be able to pluck it with regular tweezers.
  • And if that doesn’t work, squeeze the look like it is a pimple. Cover your fingers with soft tissues and gently squeeze until it comes out. But don’t be too harsh, be careful with the skin, otherwise you will leave a scar at the place. If you can’t do it alone, go to your dermatologist and he will remove it.

I hope that you will never get the chance to deal with such an issue, but if it somehow happens, be careful not to damage your skin.

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