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How To Hide Flaws On The Nails


Sometimes your nails are not in the best condition you wish them to be. When you work with your hands you should expect to damage the nails or at least their beauty. That’s why you should always wear rubber gloves while you wash or dye something. But for the times when you have dyed the nails and they look ugly and dirty, but can’t be cleaned, you can use a nail art to  hide the flaws while the nails grow out. Here is one idea:

  • The point is to use opaque nail polishes. Here are used pink, blue, pink shimmer and darker blue.
  • Place one drop of each color one to another at the center of the nail bed. Then use a clean, damp nail polish brush and merge the colors together. Don’t blend them completely.
  • Lock the decoration with a top coat and enjoy the beautiful nail art!

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