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How to do your makeup like Jennifer Lopez


Face makeup
To create the perfect base for equal work, apply a medium to high hiding foundation of the whole person.
If you have dark circles around the eyes, concealer brush it with them. He must be a shade lighter than the foundation and has a yellow undertone to counteract pigmentation. If you have blemishes and other imperfections in your face, apply concealer on them.
Use bronzing powder to contour your face. Apply blush on the cheekbones in a coral shade as comply with the color of their skin. If you are bright, choose paler product. If nature has endowed you with a tan, bet on a bright and pigmented version.
Secure all with transparent matte powder.
On the most prominent part of the cheekbone apply blush with golden or amber highlights.

In the outer corner of the eye and above the upper eyelid apply a rolling brown shades, as shown in the video.
Under the brow and in the inner corner of the eye, apply a light pearly shades. Be careful with overflow – there should be no sharp boundary with the applied already brown. For best resolution, use a soft and fluffy shadow brush.
Select a black eyeliner with the thinnest brush. Carefully apply the product on the lash line on the lower eyelid. Follow the shape of the eye and finish with a light “tail.” Do not forget to highlight and inner corner, as shown in the video.
Do the same line and the upper eyelid, again following the shape of the eye, as thicking slightly toward the tail.
Connect the upper and lower eyeliner in the inner and outer corner of the eye.
Apply mascara to upper lashes. If you want a more dramatic effect, place and false eyelashes.
Comb your eyebrows up (for this purpose you can use a clean mascara brush old) and carefully underline with a pencil or shadow.

Apply lipstick in nude shade. For more add shine and gloss on it in the same color.


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