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How To Curl Your Hair Without Curling Iron


You know what I really hate in the morning, apart from the morning itself? Having to do my hairstyle and makeup and choose what to wear without running late and having to get up 2 hours early. And even if I choose not to do my makeup and find what to wear the night before, the problem with the hairstyle is still bugging me! And the worst part is that not only that I waste time on my hair (time that I need to sleep or get to work!), but I damage it because of all that curling and straightening!

But now, I think I found a way how to get up later, keep my hair healthy and still get to work on time. In this article, I will show you how you curl your hair without curling iron a�� a skill you will need many times in your life as a beautiful and stylish woman!

At night, after you took you shower and your hair is wet, dona��t use heat to dry it. Instead, dry it with a towel gently, comb it and gather it in a braid. You can do a side one, or make a ponytail and then braid your hair a�� the style is up to you. Go to bed like that and in the morning youa��ll have beautiful and natural curls that will stay like this through the whole day without the help of hairspray or other products!

If you want more defined curls, you can definitely use rollers for the job. Use the old-fashioned ones that your grandmother maybe still uses and put them on damp hair. If you go to sleep like that you will have gorgeous curls, but it wona��t be the most comfortable experience. Instead, leave them on until your hair is completely dry and take them gently to keep the curls in place. Your hair will be big, bouncy and curly a�� just like you wanted it!

The same goes for flexible rods. The best thing about them is that you can easily sleep with them because theya��re so flexible and soft. Your curls will be smaller and, if your brush them, will look as if you just a swim and now youa��re going to a beach party.

An interesting technique is using clean, long socks. Draw up a section of hair and wrap it around the sock, working from the tip to the root. Secure the sock by tying the ends. Repeat until you have tied up all your hair and then let it dry. The thing about using socks is that is very possible you need practice before you can actually do your whole hair properly.

The last tip is to use a hairband. This one also needs practice, but once youa��re there, youa��ll be able to make this and many more cool hairstyles. Place a headband on top of your head and working with sections of hair, pin your hair over the headband, completely hiding it under the hair. When you have it all pinned up, let it dry or sleep in it. The next morning youa��ll have gentle and natural looking waves that basically took you no time to prepare!



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