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How To Create Different Eye Shape Only With Liner


It is important to learn how to create different shapes and types of eyes if you are not quite satisfied with your natural facial features. Take a look at my suggestions:

  • More oval shape: Start a fine line at the base of your eyelid and thicken it in the middle, then draw it toward the outer corner of the eye.
  • Close together: Draw a tapered line starting thick on the inner corner of the eye and narrow it through to the outer corner.
  • More round: Outline the contour of the eye from tear duct to tear duct until you wrap the whole eye. Make a flick at the outer corner of the eye.
  • Larger: Again contour the eye, but leave the waterline untouched.
  • Farther apart: Apply eyeliner and start the line away from the inner corner of your eye, thickening toward the outer edge and extend it slightly upward.

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