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Healthy Foods You Should Include In Your Diet


We want to be healthy, but at the same time we eat junk food and sugar. Most of the times we eat the wrong thing not on purpose, but because we really dona�?t know what else to eat. Because of that I want to share with you some of the healthiest food you should include in your diet plan in order to stay healthy, energized and happy!


a�zAn apple a day keeps the doctor awaya�?a�� we all have heard that and, let me tell you something, ita�?s true! Apples are very high in fibers that battle bad cholesterol. One medium sized apple is only 77 calories which means it wona�?t affect your diet and will keep you healthy and in shape. They are only rich in different antioxidants which will help you easily battle all the toxins in your body.


First of all, quinoa is considered a whole grain and whole grains reduce risk of heart problems, contain vitamins and minerals, and, like apples, are high in fibers. Whole grain foods are a must of your want to build up your muscles and fasten your metabolism. You can eat quinoa will everything a�� from vegetables to rice and meat.


We all know that we have to consume fruits and vegetables every day to get our daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Eggplant is one of those vegetables that are so full of vitamins and antioxidants, they can substitute all of the other vegetables and provide you all you need with just one vegetable. And, guess what a�� the calories are only 17!


All types of fish are good for your heath, but salmon is maybe the most nutritious of all. Salmon contain omega-3, which helps for a lot of things like memory, heart issues, asthma and even depression. Salmon is easy to cook and you can refrigerate the leftovers for your next meal.


Blueberries and all kinds of berries on that note contain high levels of vitamins C and E, have a lot of antioxidants and take care of your heart and brain a�� what more can you ask for? Blueberries are best with yogurt or pancakes and you can eat them for breakfast for you daily vitamins intake. You can make smoothies with different kinds of berries and other fruits and have something to drink the whole day a�� that way you will definitely keep your body healthy throughout the whole winter!


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