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Hairstyles For Hats In Winter


With cold weather approaching, whether we like it or not, we have to start dressing up with thicker clothes and shoes that will protect us from the winter temperatures. Scarfs, gloves, hats a�� all of this should become a part of our daily outfits. Winter accessories can always take your outfit on a whole new level, especially when theya�?re the pop of color to your black outfit, but thata�?s only in times when you wear them properly (yes, a scarf or hat worn in the wrong way can definitely ruin your look without you even noticing it!).

To make sure you know your lesson, Ia�?ll show you how to wear properly one of the most important winter accessory a�� the hat! I wona�?t tell you which colors to choose and what style will look good on you, but I will share some tips on how to choose the perfect hairstyles for a hat a�� something that can completely change your look from a�zbad hair daya�? to a�zwearing a beanie like a proa�?.

The most common hairstyle that goes well with winter hats, is straight hair. Straight hair goes well with everything, but when ita�?s paired with a cute beanie and some sparkly earrings, it makes the perfect winter combo. This hairstyle is suitable for every occasion and after you go inside and take off your hat, your hair will still look gorgeous underneath.

The second hairstyle, also extremely common, is the curled one. Make the curls away from your face to open it a bit, because the hat will more or less hide it, and your look will become more effortless and casual. Curled hair is easy to maintain and you wona�?t have to curl it every day to keep the hairstyle in place.

After the second of third day of your curled hair, it will become more beachy and wavy. Wavy hair also looks good with beanies and, again, gives your look a very effortless feel. Pair your wavy hairstyle with some leggings, biker boots and a long striped shirt to look comfy, yet stylish.

Braids go really well with beanies if your hair is long enough. The two braids hairstyle is suitable for younger girls, but that doesna�?t mean you cana�?t rock it in the days when youa�?re just too lazy to do something else with it. The messy side braid in combination with a thick jacket and a wool hat make you look cute and girly which makes it the ideal hairstyles for a day with your girlfriend or just running errands.

If you have bangs, dona�?t put them inside the hat a�� instead, straighten them and put the hat on top a�� youa�?ll look cute and the bangs will take the attention off your under eye area if you just got out of bed and didna�?t have time to do your makeup!


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