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Hairstyles for elongated face


Today we will talk about the suitable hairtyles for women with elongated face –  the forehead and chin are significantly elongated . This type of face looks good with different bangs , thick and sliced ​​, straight or brushed aside. Highly asymmetrical bangs , however, and too long , stress extended form, should be avoided. It is better to close your ears hairstyle . Curls or slightly curled air locks around the face are smoothing out the form. Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Aniston are some of the celebrities having this type of face . For them is not recommended long straight hair without bangs . Avoid too long hair . This will make your face look even longer!

Tip: Using a blush on the face visually expands and so highlight your characters .. Blush is applied near the outer shell, covering the bottom of the ear , but also on the front surface of the skull , while at the shape of the face , inflicting it horizontally.



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