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Gorgeous Low Bun


If you need a hairstyle for a special occasion, you have to try this one:

  • Smooth the top of the hair with the proper stylizing mousse and brush the whole hair to the back.
  • Create a soft volume at the top with the back-combing technique. Apply a little bit hair spray in order to save the volume last longer.
  • Then separate the hair into three sections – middle and both sides. Let the sides be smaller than the middle section.
  • Tie the middle section into a low ponytail. Tie the end of the ponytail with a small elastic band. Roll up the tail and secure at the back of the head. The bun is ready. Now let’s decorate it:
  • Take one of the sides and divide in two equal parts – twist them together and attach around the bun.
  • Then do the same with the other side.


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