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Get ready for a great Bikini body this summer




We say that we should never have to give up fun whilst getting a great body ready for the summer ‘Bikini Season!’


Why miss out on yummy cocktails, chocolate and treats?!


We’re going to let you in on a little secret to still have your fun but have your body ready to rock the beach in the summer time!


Sound’s good?


Flexible, Real World meals and menus


This is not as hard to follow as you would think and we don’t want you to starve yourself because that’s not fun or sexy!


Instead of ditching snacks (which most diets will tell you too) we say, eat creamy delicious yoghurt as snacks – it helps melt fat, which destroys carbs which destroys abs flab (YEY!)


Never hit the gym!


You tighten and tone your body in less time with quick, interval workouts. You only exercise a max of 3 hours per week and some days just 21 short minutes.


Explosive, fat burning cardio routines


Trainers that train such celebs as Katie Holmes, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Biel follow these steps in order to keep the girls looking amazing.


So what are we talking about?


The Cosmo Bikini Diet – you have to check it out!


I personally lost weight and am already ready for the beach this summer (WOO HOO!)



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