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Gel Manicure: What You Need to Know


In the past few years a new technology in the nail department has been attracting more and more fans and it is the gel manicure. In the beginning, only certain salons offered this new service; however, now most manicurists have acquired the equipment needed. Also, most brands have incorporated the technology in their assortment which would allow you to buy your own products, without breaking the bank. The variety of colors allows you to experiment whenever you want. Gel manicure can also be done at home. Right now, there are online stores that offer the whole kits, with nail polishes, the special technology and all other tools, for reasonable prices. However, you should really know how to do it right when you attempt it. Maybe you should consult a professional on some tips and tricks of the trait.

Gel manicure requires a special treatment. Your nails are filed and cleaned perfectly, as you would do at a normal manicure session. Then, the top of your nails is buffed so that the natural shine is removed. This will later help for the primer for the gel manicure to stick better. Afterwards, a primer is applied and then a layer of UV nail gel. You place your fingers into a little device where there is UV drying light. The same procedure is repeated two more times.

The main advantage of gel manicure is that it is much more long-lasting than regular manicure. Nail polishes can chip when you are washing the dishes or performing any other activities during the day. Gel manicure is more resistant than regular nail polish: sometimes it can last up to three weeks. This means that it saves time when you do not have to fix it regularly, money, as you can do it one to two times a month only (it is slightly more expensive than regular manicure), and energy. Also, it dries instantly, so you do not need to wait around and be scared to ruin it if you try to put your coat on.A� Besides, for some nail designs it is easier to use the gel nail polishes as opposed to regular ones.

However, if this whole thing had no negative impact, it would be too good to be true. First of all, there are certain reports stating that gel nail technology can cause an increased risk of skin cancer. After all, the little device that dries out the gel manicure uses UV light and has the same damaging effects as solarium, it just works A�on a smaller portion of your body. It is highly advisable that you apply a nourishing hand cream with a high SPF in it before doing the whole procedure, so that you are safe. Still, it might not be able to protect your skin completely, as during the treatment, your hands are cleansed because of the gel.

Another disadvantage of gel manicure is that can be damaging to your nails as you are peeling off the top layer and making your nail thinner. Nail breakage can occur more often and some people say that it is more painful in this case. Apply vitamin E to your nails when you have gel manicure on to nourish them.

The last disadvantage is that it is harder to remove gel than regular nail polish. You need to soak your nails in pure acetone which is very, very drying, or to file the color off. Both approaches are very detrimental to the health of your nails.

Overall, it is advisable that you use this technology when you are going away on holiday or traveling somewhere and will not be able to fix your nails. Still, do not stick to gel manicure all year long, as you will suffer from weak and ugly nails in the end. Alternate methods for the best results!


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