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Formal Wear for Business Travel


Airports and train stations have duty-free shopping, Internet points, and cafes, but you won’t find dry cleaning. Thus, you may want to pack dresses from blended and microfiber fabrics that are odor-repellant, stain-resistant, and wrinkle-proof. A good idea is to pick dresses and shoes in one color palette. You will find it easier to match and mix this way. If it isn’t gray, white, blue, brown, or black, leave it at home.

A dress that looks presentable and polished after a day at work is a must-have for your business trip. Go for microfiber and cotton and choose dark shades because they camouflage stains and wrinkles. If you prefer suits, you should pack commuter separates made from microfiber. Avoid cotton-blend outfits and go for suits made from microfiber.

Obviously, you should pack a dress or two for business dinners, business meetings, and other formal events. You may go with a travel-knit, wrinkle-resistant dress that is suitable for different occasions. Even if you pack a few dresses and outfits, you will look different every day by accessorizing them. In this way, you can pack light. The most important thing is to choose accessories and jewelry that are multifunctional.


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