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Fix Your Makeup


I’m sure that you don’t want to throw away in the trash, your new, expensive blush only because you dropped it on the floor and now the whole product in the container is broken and ruined. Well, it is not ruined at all.

Maybe you are clumsy, maybe you are not, but it happens to break your blush, eye shadow, powder and so on. Don’t blame yourself, everything can be fixed, including this situation, in which you are not guilty. See how to fix your broken blush only with a few tools:

The Tools

70% alcohol

Plastic wrap

Eyeliner brush




The Operation

Wrap the blush with the plastic foil.

Then use the brush to mash the material.

Dampen it a little bit with the alcohol by using the dropper, so you will apply it evenly.

Use the spatula to smooth it, then sharpen the edges with the eyeliner brush.

Voila! No one will notice that the brush is repaired. The next time be more careful with your beauty helpers, but keep that in mind – every problem can be solved, you just have to find it!

Come back once in a while and you will find great tips, tricks and hacks, which will make your daily routine less stressful and more joyful. Have fun!

fix broken blush


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