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Fashion trends in makeup for Fall / Winter 2013-2014


In this article we have described the trends for Fall / Winter 2013-2014 .
Natural makeup
The natural look is a trend not only in fashion, hair, nails , but also in makeup. Nothing can compare to the natural form, which means natural tones , fresh shine and a healthy complexion . This is a trend that seeks to bring to the show our natural beauty, freshness and youthful appearance .
Hot makeup
The autumn trends emerge pastel tones gently brown, beige, apricot, pale yellow to pale orange . The palette is suitable for the eyes and the lips .
Retro makeup
Makeup from the 60s is back with a bang. It is expressed through the velvet skin, fake eyelashes and highlighting eyeliner .
” cat’s eyes ” makeup
To achieve this stunning look , you just need to lift the visual outer corner of the eye by applying shadow in wing shape. This look is a bit playful , mysterious and mystical .
Shadows applied to almost forehead . Colors that Enhance the effect is predominantly dark tones and shadows with metallic highlights.

Dark lips
The traditional colors : dark brown, burgundy, deep purple and even black.
Purple lips
Juicy , bright purple , pink or raspberry lips are to give sensuality and a special spice to your winter look.
Ombre lips
This trend has been detected in nails, hair , but now its way into the makeup. The combination of bright colors and contrasting their cause so desired by every lady ” wow ” effect.

Broadly speaking , these are the colors and methodologies that apply famous designers , makeup artists and hair stylists for the catwalk . But what makes you feel beautiful, confident and compelling it may be your trend.


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