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Fashion Trends and Color Palettes in 2014


Clothing manufacturers and leading designers feature dresses in cool and earthy hues, pastel colors, and ocean blues. Fabrics such as weave knits, jerseys, and satins will take center stage. The palette is about mixing fabrics, textures, and colors. Designers also feature natural and contrasting materials, stylish details, and embellishments. Dresses come with elaborate prints and embellishments for a romantic, stylish, and ultra-feminine look. Gowns feature fabrics and details such as embroidery, lace, and velvet. Golden details and pearls adorn dresses in 2014. Trendy colors include brick red, plum, and pastel blues. The palette also incorporates colors such as peachy, pale gold, and eggnog. Natural and sun-baked hues are also very current.

Some designers reintroduce the Gothic look and go for materials such as lace, velvet, leather, and hardware. The color palette includes blue, green, violet, and black. Leading designers also feature earthy colors and prints. Others go for high necklines, minimalist details, scarves, futuristic gloves, and dresses in pink, orange, gray, and blue. Dresses and outfits feature diverse materials such as fabrics that appear coated and metallic finishes. Dresses in earthy tones and multi-colored outfits will be trendy as well.




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