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Eco-Friendly Bridal Gowns


If you are a vegan or are looking for an eco-friendly wedding dress, you will find a selection of adorable organic gowns. These dresses are designed with environmentally-conscious brides in mind and are made from cruelty-free silk, hemp, vintage lace, and organic cotton. Andie McGuire, for example, offers a lace dress with floral appliques and a princess-style bodice. The dress features a dotted lace and multiple layers of English tulle. The gown costs $1,200. Tara Lynn offers handmade bridal gowns adorned with fabulous appliqus. Wai-Ching Bridal is a wedding dress manufacturer that features handmade and hand-dyed luxurious dresses. The bridal gowns are made from hemp and peace silk. Annatarian features unique wedding dresses made from peace silk, organic cotton, bamboo, and other eco-friendly materials. Formal wear manufacturers such as Conscious Clothing, Rawganique, and Threadhead Creations offer simple, natural, elegant, and sustainably-made dresses. You can buy a pair of eco-friendly shoes to match your wedding dress. Check with footwear producers such as Melissa Ultra Clear, Beyond Skin, Olsen Haus, and others.

You can donate your bridal gown to an NGO like Brides Against Breast Cancer and I Do Foundation after the wedding. The sales proceeds are used for different worthy causes.


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