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Easy Yoga Poses You Can Do At Home


Staying fit and being healthy is one of the main problems women nowadays have a�� between work, taking care of the kids and keeping the house clean and neat we dona�?t always have time to take of ourselves and look the way we want to. For women like this who dona�?t have time to go to the gym and spend time for exercising, I have a simple decision a�� doing everything at home! And for those of you who like the way they look, but way to feel more energized and remove all the toxins and stress for their body, I suggest doing some yoga exercise that will do all that and even more! I will tell you how to do 4 basic yoga poses in just 15 minutes that you can do even if youa�?re a beginner!

Yoga will stretch your body, remove all the stress from your daily activities and leave you feeling fresh and ready to continue running your errands. You need two main things before you start a�� a yoga mat or something soft where you can exercise and the proper clothes a�� I suggest a sports bra and some yoga pants. The idea is that you wear something comfortable which will give you the opportunity to move your body freely so if you can basically wear anything which gives you freedom of movement and feels comfortable. Of course, before you start, stretch your body a bit, especially if you dona�?t exercise often, to prevent injuries and pain afterwards.

So, here are the poses:

Chair pose

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, pointing forward. Take a deep breath and raise your arms, push your shoulders down and away from your ears, bend at your hips and lower yourself, as if sitting in a chair. Breathe deeply and return to your previous position. Repeat as much as you feel comfortable.

Forward bend

Cross your forearms and hold your elbows. Breathe in and lengthen the front of your body. When you breathe out, reach your hips toward the ceiling. Breathe deeply and, again, return to your previous position. Repeat as much as you want.

Plank pose

Take a position on the floor as if youa�?re going to make push-ups. Stretch your spine and look at the ceiling. Be careful not to hurt your back while doing this (thata�?s why you should stretch beforehand!). Hold this pose, breathe deeply and repeat.

High lunge

Take the same position, but bend one knee. From this position, straighten your hands and body to the ceiling. Your knee should be bended at all times. At first it may be hard if you havena�?t trained your legs before, but with time it becomes easier. Breathe and repeat.

Add some candles with soothing scents, a cup of green tea afterwards and a hot shower and youa�?ll see how easily youa�?ll feel relaxed and toxin-free!


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