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DIY Wedding Guest Book


If your planning a wedding, the guest book is one of the greatest things to keep for memories.

If your looking for a non-traditional idea for the book then we have what your looking for!


Square piece of cardboard, Mini envelopes, Card, Scissors and Glue

Heres how:

– The first step is to decide the color theme – here I went with red

– Next is to know how many guests will be attending, you will need one envlope per person or per couple

Step 1:

Using glue begin to attach the envelopes to the cardboard back (leaving a space for a message from you like the image attached). Allow to dry.

Step 2:

Now using scissors, cut the card in to pieces (to fit inside the envelopes)

Step 3:

Insert the card in to all envelopes

Step 4:

Decorate as wish and add your message!


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