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DIY: Beautiful Friendship Bracelet


Are you looking for a great and unique gift to give your best friend? Search no more! There is nothing more personal and interesting than creating a lovely friendship bracelet for your buddy! For this special DIY project, you will need: 180 cm light waxed polyester cord, 120 cm black waxed polyester cord, 180 cm gold wax cord, scissors, lobster claw claps, jump rings and a lighter.

Step 1: Knot all three cords together.

Step 2: As shown on the picture, do half hitch knots. The light and gold cords should always stay

under the black cord. Tight the knots up.

Step 3: Continue step 2 with the rest six black cords. Make sure that the light polyester cord is always

on the left side to the black cord.

Step 4: Repeat the process to make half hitch knots with the seven black cords.

Step 5: Do half hitch knots with the gold wax cord, as well.

Step 6: Finish the ending part of the best friendship bracelet by melting ends with lighter.

Step 7: Add jump rings to both ends and attach a lobster clasp to the jump rings. Your beautiful

handmade gift is ready!



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