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Curious Fact About The Type of Your Thumbs


I often wonder how the psychologists get to know a person simply by looking at that person. Apparently, there are some specifics of our bodies that reveals different parts of the character. Today I will show you how to read someone’s character simply by looking at the thumbs of the person.

There are three groups, defined by the knuckle joint and its size:

  1. The first half of the thumb is longer than the second one. This means that the person who have such thumbs is trustworthy lover and sometimes he/she can get obsessive.
  2. The second type of thumb is when the first half and the second half have equal lengths. This is the planner guy, who rely on specific methods and principles to get the job done. This person  is careful with the relationships, because he/she doesn’t want to get hurt.
  3. And the last option is when the second half of the thumb is longer than the first one. Smart, trustworthy and reliable person.

So, thumbs up!




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