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Creative Designer Dresses: from Clothespins to Rubber


Designers offer unusual outfits and dresses made from garden wire, plastic cups, and other materials. Linda Schailon’s Sprinkle Dress, for example, features yogurt containers with thriving botanicals in them. The Rubber Band Dress is another eccentric dress made from rubber bands of various sizes, lengths, and colors.

Jolis Peons’ Phone Book Paper Dress is made from old phonebooks. You can complement the outfit with a telephone book bag from UrthBags. If phonebook paper isn’t your material for a dress, you can get a gown made from plastic bags. Another unique dress is Lindka Cierach’s Chocolate Lindor Dress, which is decorated with Swarovski crystals and 1,000 crystals and chocolate balls. The dress has some 79,000 calories in it. If you are looking for a dress made from cream puffs, you can buy a gown made from caramel, sugar, flour, and eggs. The dress is made by Valentyn Shtefano, weighs 20 pounds, and features some 1,500 cream puffs. It took 2 months to attach the puffs to a bridal gown frame. The necklace, bouquet, and crown are made from caramelized sugar.

Other designers feature unique designs and dresses made from newspapers, flexible concrete, cookies, and clothespins.


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