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Clothes and accessories in flesh neutral color for any occasion


This year the fashion guru shows us how we can stand out of the crowd not with leopard prints, nor with bright accessories but with colors that blend with the skin – neutrals.

Gentle rose and ecru on different fabrics and in a variety of cuts are creeping through the hangers in the boutiques.

They invited us to try them, love them and make them walk  through the streets, restaurants and even discos.

Seize our suggestions and pay attention.

For everyday you can choose the corset that combine with jeans and gaze dark blue high heels. If you want to choose to stand out even more take white shorts that will reveal your beautiful feet.

For official events choose a dress in a neutral color of the satin, long and highlighting the waist and neckline.

For a romantic dinner choose a party dress in medium length and combine it with ultra high heels.

Accessories-ribbons and all sorts of other additions are a great option for women with dark hair, because they make a good contrast.


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