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Choosing the Right Make-up for a Garden Party


If you havenat been to many garden parties (as New Yorkers havenat), you may wonder what make-up to choose for the occasion. Here are a few tricks. Use bronzer on your cheeks, nose, and forehead and a lengthening mascara. Apply moisturizer and use powder and concealer if necessary. Go for a tangerine or strawberry red lipstick and gold eye shadows. Another option is to use a pale pink lipstick, black mascara, and eye shadows in neutral shades.

When you are looking for make-up ideas, think of the sun shining, a fresh breeze, and new blooms. Great lipsticks for a garden party include Dior Diorissime, Giorgio Armani Beige, and Chanel Desirable. Choose metallic or pastel eye shadows and accentuate the corners and base of your eyes. This is a great way to create dreamy eyes. You can opt for Guerlain 6-Colour Eyeshadow or Bobbi Brownas Metallic Eyeshadow. When it comes to blush, NARS Blush in Super Orgasm is a great choice. Opt for a rose-gold or pink blush. A full-on coiffure and heavy make-up arenat the best choices for a garden party. Go for light makeup for a chick look.


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