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Choosing Eye Shadows for Sensitive Eyes


Women who have sensitive eyes often find themselves with bloodshot, swollen, or itchy eyes. The first step to choosing the right make-up is to find out if you experience an allergy or irritation. Sterilize and clean your applicators and brushes once or twice a week. Bacteria on your brushes, applicators, and eye shadows can cause an infection

Avoid products that contain talk because it has carcinogenic properties and is a known irritant. Subpar products often cause eye irritation. Go for products from MAC, Almay, Clinique, Lancome, and Origins. Some women have super sensitive eyes and even make-up for sensitive eyes makes their eyes itch and burn. Even products such as Cover girl Lash Exact and Maybelline Great Lash donat work. In this case, you should find out whether it is the eyeliner or mascara that makes your eyes water and itch. If your mascara is the culprit, then opt for the simplest formulas available on the market. Avoid waterproof, volumizing, and lengthening types.

Wearing make-up can be a nightmare if you have sensitive eyes. You can try the Physicians Formula offered in many drugstores. You will find it somewhere between your Wet N’ Wilds, Revlons, and CoverGirls.


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