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Choosing a Fabulous Dress for a First Date


If you are going on a date and insist on wearing a dress, you are probably looking for the right dress in your dating wardrobe. We all know that a sexy dress is our secret weapon. How about an ultramarine Ponte dress with leather and bold panels? The dress features capped sleeves and a sporty mesh insert. Another idea is to wear a dolman dress with a stripped belt, under-skirt, long bottom skirt, and white top.

A beaded lace dress is a great choice for a night out. The dress is embellished with sequins and beads and is made from black lace. It features a fitted silhouette and costs $645. You can combine it with red silk peep toe heels to turn your outfit into a stylish and classy ensemble. Choose shoes with gold leather and front straps. Another option is to buy a black dress with a golden brocade, floral pattern, and feminine curves. Combine it with a black mini box bag with a criss-cross pattern and silver metal hardware. The box bag is made from leather and will add a chick touch to your look. A bag by Rebecca Minkoff costs $440.


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