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Tabl 12: Wight Changs (kg) om Baslin Duing Doubl-Blind Clinical Tial with ACTOPLUS MT in Patints with Inadquat Glycmic Contol on Dit and xcis.

Pgnancy: Limitd data with mtomin/pioglitazon pioglitazon in pgnant womn a not suicint tdtmin a dug-associatd isk majbith dcts miscaiag; pooly contolld diabts in pgnancy incass matnal isk diabtic ktoacidosis, p-clampsia, spontanous abotions, ptm dlivy, still bith and dlivy complications; pooly contolld diabts incass tal isk majbith dcts, still bith, and macosomia latd mobidity.

Ollow you docto’s instuctions about using this mdicin i you a pgnant. Blood suga contol is vy impotant duing pgnancy, and you dos nds may b dint duing ach timst pgnancy.

Postmakting pots congstiv hat ailu hav bn potd in patints tatd with pioglitazon, both with and without pviously known hat disas and both with and without concomitant insulin administation.

Us: As an adjunct tdit and xcis timpov glycmic contol in adults with typ 2 diabts mllitus whn tatmnt with both pioglitazon and mtomin is appopiat.

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takeda has a second actos-based drug, actoplus met, that will also become available in generic form.


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