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Black manicure for cold winter months


Autumn and winter months are the time of the year when we leave the cheerful bright summer nail colors and put some darker and colder ones.

Raven Black

Black nail polish is among the hottest offerings of  fashion experts. Whether you choose a glanz or dull effect, there is no way to be wrong with it.

And yet, you have to be aware that every twitch of the arm will give an impact on your manicure.

Therefore, when you choose, you must make sure that it is fresh, and the brush is short, wide and thick, which makes the application of the perfect layer. Ready to knock carefully or remove cuticles around the nail, do not hurry you paint them with soothing oil.

The secret trick for longer staying nail polish is that your nails have to be dry and all oils should be removed. The easiest way to prepare the nail is to use a cotton soaked in alcohol and carefully rub nails. Only after the nail polish is completely dry, you can put some nourishing oil on cuticles.

Graphite grey

If you do not want quite such a dark mood on your hands, bet on the gray.

The color can be matt, polished or optionally adorned with glitter in gold, silver, reddish or green. As any dark nail polish  both on the logrey looks good on both long and healthy nails, but also short and well groomed.



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